The Roulette Wheel Secrets That The Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

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The Ball Track

Even though the ball track is made of sturdy epoxy plastic which is wood coated, does not prevent the track from all damage caused by wear and tear. One such damage that is inevitable to occur on the tracks is the cracks regardless of being well maintained. One way to prevent the cracks from happening at the same region is to keep rotating the wheels so that the damage pans out. The advantage is that the cracks in the wheel irrespective of turning it will give a probability of dominant diamond to happen. The stopping of the dominant diamond from playing out is next to impossible.

The Rotor

The rotor is the inner part of the wheel that revolves with the pockets. The rotor weighs over 30 kgs and often gets interchanged with the other wheels. The said feature of the rotor is used by casinos to make the analysis of the bias of the wheel by professional wheels next to impossible. Like mentioned before, this part of the wheel keeps revolving and is in motion, continually making it vulnerable to wear and tear. The flaws that occur during the period of time often influence the game tending to favour the players instead of the casinos. The more damage occurs to the wheel, the more predictable the outcome of the spin becomes.

The Pocket

The pocket is the position of the wheel where the ball comes to a rest, and the winning numbers are visible. To prevent the ball from bouncing way too many times, in the earlier days the pockets were made more in-depth than it is now. The flaw comes into play when this feature causes predictable spins. In short, deeper pockets results in more predictable turns. Another reason through which the pockets help in the predictability of the spin is due to the flaws that occur in the pocket separator. After some time, the pocket separator has a tendency to come loose.

The Base

The base is typically the outer most of the roulette wheel. It is designed to be made out of wood with an interior made out of metal. Damaging the base is very hard. Even dropping the roulette wheel does not affect this part to the extent that it will lead to biased outcomes.

The Shaft

The part of the roulette wheel that supports the rotor is the shaft. The shaft is also referred to as the spindle. If not taken care of the spindle will often end up having a deflection causing an acute angle, thereby creating biased outcomes. The chances are that when the spindle is broken, the ball will often come to rest at a lower position.

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